Version 11.0, October 2017


A number of users have reported problems switching between custom keyboards on iOS 11. This is not specific to Lumen Trails and affects any app running on iOS 11.

To mitigate this (while we are waiting on a fix from Apple), we’ve introduced a setting which disables custom keyboards by default. If you’d like to use your favorite keyboard, go to Lumen Trails Settings > Device Sync & Options and enable Custom Keyboards.


Lumen Trails has been professionally translated to French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Occasionally, we are told that some words used inside the app should be updated. We also get requests to add additional languages. To make this process as smooth as possible, we’ve open-sourced our translations. If you’d like to get involved and either update an existing translation, or add an entirely new language, please submit a pull request on our GitHub page.


Our philosophy on quality and bugs is extremely simple: when we ship an update, we are at zero known bugs. Unless a problem is beyond our control, we fix it. If you encounter any issue, please report it and we’ll fix it in the next update.